Medicines and TUEs

Some medications are (or contain) prohibited substances under the anti-doping rules. If no legitimate alternative medication is available a player may require a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) to be compliant with the anti-doping regulations.

To quickly and easily check the status of your medications, use the Global DRO websit:

Rugby players at a certain levels of competition must submit a TUE application to the RFU in advance of using a prohibited substance or method for a legitimate medical condition.

Only players in the following England squads or participating at the following levels of rugby are required to proactively submit a TUE in order to use a prohibited substance or method:

  • England U20
  • England Sevens
  • England Saxons
  • England Senior Men
  • England Women Sevens
  • England Women
  • Aviva Premiership
  • IPA Championship

All players not in the above identified groups are required to submit a TUE retrospectively (after use) within 10 working days following a drug test.