Anti-Doping Educational Resources

The Education section is where anyone can come to find out about anti-doping; whether as a player, coach, member of support personnel, teacher or parent. We have included a range of useful resources to help understand the various anti-doping topics.

The RFU aims to ensure that all stakeholders understand what doping is and where their responsibilities lie, the RFU works with UK Anti-Doping and World Rugby to deliver a comprehensive anti-doping education programme.

By using the '100% ME' and 'Keep Rugby Clean' brands we aim to achieve our vision:

To preserve the integrity of the game, to give players and support staff the confidence that they can succeed without the use of prohibited substances or methods, and to create a sporting environment where drug free sport is actively promoted and doping is not tolerated.

Please explore the following pages to find a range of resources to help with your understanding of anti-doping, or to pass on the message to others.