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Once all AGPs are built it is anticipated that grassroots rugby will see 16,000 new regular participants taking up the sport as a result of greater access to quality playing facilities across the country.   

The major driver for installing artificial pitches is to sustain and grow participation in the game against a backdrop of adverse weather conditions and increasing pressure on natural turf pitches. 

Over the past four years, RFU data shows that wetter winters are having a serious impact on the rugby season, resulting in more games and training sessions being cancelled. Recent weather events support that view.

The RFU investment funds two types of pitches in locations across the country to ensure maximum access and rugby participation:
  • “Rugby Turf” pitches: 60 on rugby club sites to be used by the host club and other local clubs, enabling games to be played and training to be maximised
  • “Rugby Share” pitches: 40 on community sites with a guaranteed number of hours for use by rugby.

See the pitch booking page for more information on Rugby Turf.

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