The role of a club treasurer

The treasurer is the main person responsible for managing the finances of a community rugby club. Whether working alone or with the help of a paid official, the treasurer should be responsible to the rugby club for:

• Looking after its finances
• Collecting subscriptions and all money due to the club
• Paying the bills and recording the information
• Keeping up-to-date records of all the financial transactions
• Ensuring that all funds are spent properly
• Issuing receipts for all money received and recording this information
• Reporting regularly to the committee on the club’s financial status
• Preparing year-end statements of accounts
• Arranging where required by RFU Rule 21.5 for the statement of accounts to be audited/independently examined
• Presenting an end-of-year financial report to the AGM and submission to the RFU
• Financial planning, including producing an annual budget and monitoring it throughout the year
• Helping to prepare and submit any statutory documents that are required e.g. VAT returns, tax returns and grant-aid reports.

A number of these duties could be delegated to a professional accountant, however it is important that the treasurer has ultimate responsibility for the finances of the club and needs to ensure that any delegated work is done properly.

The RFU has produced a succinct outline of the tasks and skills required in club treasurer role description (PDF 43kB).