Making an Educational Link

Action One - Engaging the right people 

Sit down and have a discussion with possible or interested partners. Engaging the right people from the start will help achieve a quality and productive link. The RFU have dedicated local staff to assist you in this process in addition to the many partner organisations that are here to help.

Download Engaging the right people (PDF 86kB)

Action Two - Key objectives, principles 

Once you have established contact you need to agree with your partner that you want to create a link. It is important that the overall key objectives, principles and standards are considered, established and shared at this point. It is important to focus on the needs of the young people getting involved.

Download Key objectives, principles (PDF 51kB)

Action Three - Ideas of what to offer 

Consider what you might agree to offer the partnership. A rugby union club link is about flexibility and negotiation, there is no prescribed criteria to fulfil but we do offer some ideas to get you thinking about what you might deliver.

Download Ideas of what to offer (PDF 51kB)

Action Four - What should it look like 

Decide what your programme might look like and what the link will be made up of in terms of activity, timing, resources and people. Make certain you agree timescales, targets and accountabilities and clearly communicate these.

Download What should it look like (PDF 45kB)

Action Five - Write it down 

Write it down. We have provided you with a template for you to record the link agreement below but remember this is just a guide and other creative ideas may be included to suit the needs of your club link.

Download Write it down (PDF 46kB)

Action Six - It's show time 

Convert your planning to action by getting your programme up and running. Delivery of the “linkpromise” to young people by both parties is what this is all about. The RFU and partner agencies have people and resources to support you and your club link. Taking a look at models of good practice may give you some guidance.

Download It's show time (PDF 45kB)

Action Seven - Sustainability 

Regular communication and maintenance of the link will ensure sustainability. Once your link has been running, regular reviews of the process will help you measure your success.

Download Sustainability (PDF 43kB)