The social side of rugby

The social side of rugby is one of the key elements that make our game special. Often this is simply a bi-product of playing – a drink, a chat and a laugh after a game.

As well as this clubs all across the country plan regular social events aimed at raising club funds, increasing participation or simply to have some fun.

Events Calendar

All of our clubs are different and although we all want to have a good time we find different ways of planning and organising social events. Generally most clubs will have a Social Secretary or a Social Committee either in a formal or informal capacity. Whichever way a club decides to run their social events they will need to do a degree of planning.

One of the simplest ways to get started is to produce an events calendar, and the RFU has a Social Events Checklist Template (MS Excel DOC 684kB).

Pre and Post Match Events

The busiest time at most clubs is match day. This is an ideal opportunity to run a social event for club members, potential club members, members from the local community and sponsors.

It is important to understand the purpose of the social event prior to organising it. You might want to do things differently if you are trying to raise funds from potential business partners as opposed to having a club BBQ.

Here are some examples of pre and post match events:

Pre/Post Match? Event Purpose
Pre Sponsors Lunch Fund Raising
Pre Partners Lunch Fun/ Recruitment
Pre Former Players Lunch Fun/Recruitment/Fund Raising
Pre Junior Parents Lunch Fun/Recruitment
Post  Fancy Dress Party Fun
Post  Live Band Fun
Post  Club Quiz Fun

Many clubs will have their own slant on special events at their club, many of which will have been run for a number of years.

The rugby club clubhouse can be a real asset if it is used to its full potential. A large number of clubs rent out their facilities for outside parties and social events. This will often be the responsibility of the Social Committee.

Pre and Post Season Events

It is important that the club is not just used on training nights and match days and therefore regular calendared events during the off season and during holiday periods can encourage and foster a great social environment at a club. It can also help to generate income at times when bills still need to be paid but there is little rugby activity.

Many clubs run Pre/Post Season recruitment events such as a BBQ linked with some touch rugby. Beer Festivals can also prove very popular.