Scrum Engagement Global Trial

This site will give more and more information as weeks go by on the new global trial of the “crouch – bind – set” scrum engagement sequence, which will operate at all levels of the game from the start of next season. There will be videos and full advice for all involved, whether players, coaches or referees.

With new features being added to take us all up to the new law trial and the new season, we hope you will keep visiting to get all the information you need. This trial aims to enhance player welfare by reducing impact on engagement and comes with a call for all match officials, coaches and players to ensure a fair and positive attitude to dealing with scrum issues. Referees are also being instructed by the IRB to ensure the ball doesn’t enter the tunnel unless the scrum is square and stationary and that a straight throw in is strictly policed.

We are all responsible for player safety – so please do visit this site for updates and videos of the new engagement sequence.

For your advice, the implementation of this new scrum sequence will be from the first pre-season friendlies, warm-ups and training sessions. But, given the need for proper education, it does not include summer tours or sevens tournaments.