How to become a RFU Registered Agent

In order to become a registered agent that person must:

  • apply to the RFU and comply with the relevant application procedure
  • Complete the application form and examination paper in full and return it within the designated timeframe 
  • pay the relevant registration fee as prescribed by the RFU, currently £500 
  • agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the RFU

An application pack can be obtained by emailing your name and postal address to:

Please note that registrations are personal to an individual so if an agency has a number of agents it wishes to register then each agent must apply individually to become a registered agent.

How to remain a RFU registered agent

In order to continue as a registered agent that person must:

  • comply with the renewal procedure of the RFU
  • pay the relevant renewal fee as prescribed by the RFU, currently £100
  • provide evidence that appropriate professional indemnity insurance is in place with a reputable insurer to the level determined by the RFU
  • attend each year the mandatory Registered Agents Professional Development & Training Seminar
  • complete and pass a written test

Information about the registration scheme

Please note the following:

  • registered agents are permitted to be appointed by clubs or players to act for them in relation to any approach concerning the transfer, employment or registration of any player with a club
  • registered agents are registered personally by the RFU and may not transfer or delegate that registration to any other person or any other entity
  • registered agents may describe themselves as registered agents or as registered with the Rugby Football Union and quote their registration number
  • registered agents must abide by all RFU and IRB Regulations and are subject to the RFU’s disciplinary and appeal procedures

Registered agents must also meet the below criteria, as well as being compliant with the RFU agents regulations:

  • that they are of good character and reputation
  • that they do not have any conviction for any offence involving dishonesty or deception
  • that they are not undischarged bankrupts
  • that they are not disqualified from acting as a director of or otherwise from being involved with a company pursuant to an order under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986
  • that they are not subject to an order under Section 429(2)(b) of the Insolvency Act 1986 as a result of having failed to make payments required by an administration order
  • that they have not in the previous ten years, been censured or disciplined (in the UK or otherwise) or had their membership revoked by any regulatory or professional organisation in relation to any applicable business or professional activities
  • that they are not a club official, employee, or any person in an official position with the RFU or hold more than 5% of the issued share capital of a club