RFU National Safeguarding Team

Below you will see each member of the team's name, job title and brief job description and contact information. If you have any concerns or queries relating to safeguarding in rugby union please contact us.

Richard Smallbone
Senior Safeguarding Manager
richardsmallbone@rfu.com/ Tel – 0208 831 7832
Responsible for driving safeguarding within rugby union. Promoting safeguarding, implementing changes and visiting CBs to ensure safeguarding practices are adhered to throughout the game.

Kath Bennett
Safeguarding Case Manager
kathbennett@rfu.com / Tel - 0208 831 7479 
Responsible for managing the safeguarding case management process. Acts as first point of contact in all issues around safeguarding; Case Manager for all referrals to the RFU involving adult on child.

Chris Rawlings
Safeguarding Compliance Officer
chrisrawlings@rfu.com / Tel - 0208 831 7454 

Manages the entire RFU DBS process, manages the RFU Safeguarding training programmes and provides support for the work of the RFU Safeguarding Case Manager.

For general enquiries or feedback, please contact us via email at safeguarding@therfu.com.

The RFU offer a 24 hour child protection line – Tel 0208 831 6655. Please leave a message and a member of the Safeguarding Team will respond.