Coaching in poor weather

Winter weather poses a challenge for every coach – specifically, keeping players engaged in the wind and rain. What can coaches do to make their team want to brave the elements every week?

The RFU has compiled some themed session plans, listed below, which keep players active, but are also purposeful and fun.

Each session plan includes video examples of the activities in action – some of the examples take place indoors, some outdoors, but all can be delivered in both environments.

Coaching through games is the favoured way to develop players – it ensures they are warm and involved.

Session plans

Remember the five golden rules for poor weather coaching:

  1. Stay out of the bad weather – book a sports hall or artificial pitch
  2. Speak to your ground staff – don’t ruin playing areas
  3. Rotate outside working areas, don’t create muddy bogs
  4. Make the sessions short, sharp and intense – no standing around, no queues for activity
  5. Small sided and adapted games keep everyone involved – be creative throughout the year