UKCC Level 3 and Level 4

Level 3 Example Session- Coaching Within A Game

Level 3 Example Session-Development Area

UKCC Level 3 Courses

The Level 3 Programme in Coaching Rugby Union has been developed in line with UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) criteria and applications are invited for the 2018/19 course.

Level 3 coaches will be Head Coach of a team or programme, with competitive (match) opportunities. The closing date for applications and supporting documents is Thursday, 1st March 2018 (by 5pm).

You will be informed as to the result of your application by Friday, 27th April 2018. If successful you will be required to complete your Level 3 course booking, including payment, using the online course booking system (no other method of payment is accepted).

Please see below for further information, including details on how to apply:

Level 3 2018/19 Application Video Upload Form

This form is for the uploading of a video clip to support Level 3 applications for 2018-19.

Please submit a 15 - 20 minute clip which shows you coaching “Go forward and Support” from phase play. It is expected that you will deliver using a Games approach, employing a Game Zone to identify issues in player understanding and skill, and a related Skill Zone where you will help players find solutions if unable to find them in the Game Zone.

You will need to ensure that the video submitted is of sufficient audio and visual quality so that the above can be viewed during screening and so that coaching process, style and interventions are clear upon viewing.

You will be required to upload your sessions to a secure RFU-managed microsite rather than send in a DVD as in past years.  The upload form can be found below.

Please ensure that you have already submitted your supporting documentation before uploading your video clips.

Please do not leave the uploading of video clips to the last minute as this can take some time and late submission could lead to your application not being considered. Also, please ensure that each video clip is clearly labelled.

Within the video you should:

  • Explain clear objectives for the session/s to be delivered
  • Demonstrate your preferred style of delivery (this will need your instructions and interventions to be clearly audible)
  • Evidence innovative practice designs to improve individual, unit and team skills/game understanding, promoting problem solving amongst your players
  • Evidence coaching interventions to improve individual, unit and team skills/game understanding – technical & tactical

You should also provide a written/word processed reflection of the session (500 words in total) which must be emailed to the course administrator below by the deadline.

Applications with supporting documentation should be sent to:

Lisa Sketchley:

UKCC Level 4 Courses

The Level 4 Course in Coaching Rugby Union has been developed in line with UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) criteria.

The course is postgraduate in nature and it is intended that coaches on the course receive academic credit for achieving Level 4 in partnership with a higher education (HE) institution (subject to achieving the required standard of a prescribed supplementary module and paying the HE administration and management fee).

The application window for the 2018/19 Level 4 Course is now open with a closing deadline of Friday, 12th January 2018.

Please see below for further information, including details on how to apply:

Level 4 2018 Application and Admission Details

Level 4 2018 Expression of Interest Form

Expression of Interest Forms should be sent to: Lisa Sketchley 

Please note that the application criteria are subject to change year on year and it is strongly recommended that you check the relevant Application & Admissions document well ahead of the application deadline to ensure that all criteria can be met.


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