Colleges Community Development


There are over 3000 rugby clubs in England that offer the opportunity to play rugby in a very special social atmosphere.. A club link is an agreement between a college and a club to work together. The aim of a Club School Link is to develop the very best level of quality and opportunity for young people in sport. Use the RFU Club Finder Tool to find your nearest club or contact your local RFU Rugby Development Officer for more information. 

The England Colleges Rugby Football Union (ECRFU) was formed in 2012 to provide focus and momentum for the development of rugby in the college sector.

The opportunity for the game and its stakeholders to drive growth and make a significant impact in the colleges sector is as large as it has ever been. The investment and focus on the sector by all sporting bodies and governmental agencies is a measure of the importance attached to it. More than 800,000 16-18 year olds currently receive their education in colleges, which is twice as many than at secondary schools. The number of rugby players and potential new players in the college sector will continue to grow as more and more people enter colleges for their education.


The 4 year Strategyfor England Colleges Rugby Football Union  (ECRFU) will be aligned to the six key drivers that strengthen our member clubs and grow the game in the communities around them.

ECRFU aims to build upon the success of the Rugby World Cup 2015 by growing the participation legacy of the tournament further; whilst ensuring there is a focus on the challenges and opportunities facing the colleges and the Further Education sector. 


During the 2013-14 season, the ECRFU expanded their network of representatives across England to gain a greater insight into college rugby in England and to help support plans to grow and develop rugby in the sector. The ECRFU Regional Representatives will play a key role in implementing the strategy for college rugby and in strengthening relationships between the sector, rugby clubs and the rest of the game.

If you have information to share with ECRFU or would like to become more involved with rugby development in your regional college network, please contact your closest ECRFU Regional Representative.


Rugby union can provide excellent opportunities for skill development through a wide range of volunteer roles that also provide a valuable vocational experience. Rugby clubs are predominantly volunteer lead organisations that would welcome young people to assist with various tasks within the club. The benefits of volunteering are specific to each individual but can include building self-esteem and confidence, learning and developing new skills, enhancing your CV, meeting new people and having fun. Find out more about volunteering opportunities in your area by contacting your local Rugby Development Officer .


The RFU in partnership with NatWest have launched NatWest RugbyForce, a nationwide programme designed to provide an opportunity to welcome volunteers from the community for a weekend of DIY to help make clubs stronger businesses by renovating their facilities. Colleges have an opportunity to link with local rugby clubs to provide valuable work experience to students from a variety of courses. For more information please contact your local Area Facilities Manager.


A college tour is an exciting way to build the team spirit and identity of a group of players. It provides a rare opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better and to establish friendships at home and abroad which can last a lifetime. The RFU has a dedicated tours area on the website for general advice, checklists and information, and there are specific guidelines for schools and colleges.

Permission is required tour overseas and it needs to be applied for one month in advance of the tour. For this you will need to complete a permission to Tour Form and return along with an itinerary, fixture information and insurance details to