Primary Staff Development

The RFU has developed a range of courses to support those delivering rugby in schools at all levels to teach safe, high quality, appropriate rugby union.

‘Kids First Rugby – Schools’ is a bespoke course for Primary School teachers and coaches delivering rugby to Y5 and Y6 students.

Primary Offer PDF download

England Rugby offers a range of coaching and refereeing courses designed for teachers and coaches working in schools. 

To find courses running in your area, or contact your local RFU Rugby Development Officer to discuss running courses at your school.

Kids First Rugby – Teachers Guide

This new resource has been especially developed for primary school teachers, the guide supports the delivery of extra-curricular Rugby Union for Key Stage 2 children. It is based on the coaching principle of Who, What and How? and provides essential information for teachers to guide their delivery:

1. Developing children as confident, capable young people first is at the core of the Rugby Football Union’s offer to all

2. Using Rugby Union as a vehicle for developing a young person’s personal and social skills can have a dramatic impact on all aspects of their life and has real impact on pupil progress.

3. Young people with enhanced personal and social skills are likely to be better performers and have a higher quality of experience of physical education and rugby.

4. They will also be able to transfer these skills into other areas of their life as they become better at working with their peers and respecting rules and each other.

Kids First Rugby – lesson plans
Coaching card 1 (PDF 3MB)
Coaching card 2 (PDF 2.5MB)
Coaching card 3 (PDF 3.3MB)
Coaching card 4 (PDF 3MB)
Coaching card 5 (PDF 3MB)
Coaching card 6 (PDF 3.6MB)
Coaching card 7 (PDF 2.6MB)
Coaching card 8 (PDF 2.9MB)
Competition and Games (PDF 2.9MB)
Teachers Guide (PDF 3.2MB)