Playing Calendar

The playing calendar provides a model which supports inclusivity of all players, guards against overplaying and underplaying and limits conflict between club and school/college rugby maintaining choice for players to play with their peer groups.  It also supports dialogue between clubs and schools at a local and county level in the interests of player.

This national calendar ensures that competition and representative rugby is delivered across the country at a consistent time and is divided into “competition windows” during which clubs and schools can deliver competition. Clubs and schools can play friendly or block fixtures at any time within the season and as such this isn’t a “priority” calendar. 

To ensure to agree a balanced playing programme based on the needs and motivations of the young player the following annual process is observed:

  • National competition dates and windows added
  • CBs, CSUs and Academies work together to add County competition   
  • Approved calendar is released to clubs and schools. Locally organised competition will need to be in correct window
  • Local clubs, schools, academy, parents and players agree appopraite playing and training programme

The playing Calendars for the 2017-18 season are:

The Playing Calendars for the 2018-19 season are: