Format & Regs

The aim of the formats at various ages is to ensure that young players play the right rugby at the right time. These formats are supported by the regulations of the age grade game.

The new Rules of Play were developed to provide progressive building blocks to the 15-a-side game after a research project - Shaping the Game - and trial over three years from 2010.  The new Rules have been rolling out across the country since agreement by the RFU Council as the format of the game on the pitch for our youngest players. This rollout completes in clubs and schools in September 2016 with there being one consistent game format at each age group.

From September 2015 the news Rules of Play were mandatory up to and including U11 in clubs, optional at U12 and being piloted at U13 and U14. These new Rules of Play which will become mandatory from September 2016.

15-a-side rugby begins at Under 14/Year 9. The Under 19 Law Variations remain at the scrum and changes to the lineout between Under 14 and Under 16 supports appropriate development of lineout skills and aligns to physical development.

The regulations for Age Grade Rugby are contained in Regulation 15 of the game.  This includes everything required to support the playing of the game to the right rules in a safe and supportive environment.

Regulation 15 (including detailed rules at each age)

New Rules & Player Progression Pathway

Regulation 15 guidance document