Injured Player Welfare

Every effort is made by the RFU to make the game as safe as possible, but as a collision sport, injuries inevitably occur. In cases where these injuries are serious enough to significantly change the lives of players or their families, the RFU provides support and assistance. Any reported injuries that may cause permanent and total disability will be followed up by the RFU who will offer the following support: 

  • Visit to the injured player in hospital
  • Meet with representatives of the club or school to provide advice and assistance on how best to help the player and family
  • Advise about issues such as family communication, fundraising, and accessing local support 

A partnership of player, family, club and the RFU will be created and this should help relieve the family of some of its immediate worries as well as helping to ensure the player is eventually able to enjoy a good quality of life. 

For more advice on injury reporting and how to get help or advice if you have suffered and injury please refer to the injuries pages within managing rugby.

RFU Injured Players Foundation 

The RFU Injured Players Foundation (IPF) supports people who sustain a catastrophic injury while playing rugby. The charity provides help and support for both players and their families in the months following of these injuries as well as in the long term. It also incorporates the former SPIRE Rugby Trust charity.

In addition to this support, the charity takes an active approach to conducting and supporting research and education aimed at preventing injuries. It also works to identify how injured players can be helped more effectively.