Scrum Half

Acting as the link between the forwards and the backs, the scrum half is a key player when it comes to building attacks. Playing just behind the forwards, a good scrum half will control exactly when the ball is fed out to the backs from the rear of a scrum, ruck or maul.

A scrum half needs good vision, speed and awareness, quick hands and lightning reactions. They tend to be one of the smaller players on the pitch and so rely on protection from their own forwards. An indecisive or poorly protected scrum half makes easy meat for a rampaging opposition flanker.

Key abilities 

Accurate passing, awareness, tactical understanding, evasive running, vision, speed of thought. 

Famous scrum halves

Matt Dawson (England and Lions), Ken Catchpole (Australia), Danie Craven (South Africa), Gareth Edwards (Wales and Lions), Nick Farr-Jones (Australia), Joost van der Westhuizen (South Africa) and George Gregan (Australia).