Is it for me?

Have you ever felt that fiery ball of fearlessness stir within you? Where doubt is squashed by determination? That’s your inner warrior. We all have one. We just have to meet it. And rugby empowers us women to discover our inner toughness.

Whether you’re tall or small, fast or powerful, tactical or combative, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve on the pitch. So get outdoors and be challenged.

Because when we tackle our weaknesses, we also discover our strengths. Join us and be part of a band of fierce, fearless females, where anybody and anybody can flourish. This is where inner warriors are both found and celebrated. After all, sport not only builds character, it also reveals it.

This is the game for you, get out of it what you like, play your way. Check out our list of FAQs here to find out more.


Ways to Play

There are different ways of playing the game, so whether you’re a first timer, or you’re not sure if contact rugby is for you, we have lots of options for you to get involved.

· Warrior Camps – first-timer? No problem! These commitment free taster sessions teach you key introductory skills and drills for rugby, with help on hand every step of the way.

· O2 Touch – female only or mixed non-contact rugby sessions focused on the fun, fitness and social aspect of the sport

· Club Rugby – our clubs are the heartbeat of our game; you can watch, learn, play or volunteer here, and most importantly continue to enjoy the team camaraderie that comes with rugby


Why is it good for me?

· Get fit, and stay fit with your friends – mix your fitness and social time together

· Feel-good factor and sense of achievement equals positive mindset

· Enjoy the team camaraderie and be part of a team that’s stronger together

· It’s your time, it’s your sport

How much does it cost?

· Warrior Camps – no cost

· O2 Touch – no cost

· Club Rugby – there will be a membership fee at the club. Clubs always try to make sure it is affordable for everyone who wants to play. Some clubs will ask for an annual fee, others offer monthly payments which can include match fees.

What equipment do I need?

The amount of equipment you need will vary between what you want to do, but for your first session all you need is similar kit to what you would be comfortable running in. Trainers are also fine in the drier months. If you are not sure, just ask!