National Youth Council

The RFU National Youth Council is a voluntary consultative body made up of 12 people from across the game aged 16 – 25 years old. The first members were recruited in 2014, with the most recent members joining in September 2016.

The Council focuses on a variety of projects and issues across the game, including:

  • The recruitment and retention of young volunteers and players in the game
  • Leading the Young Rugby Ambassador programme
  • Being ambassadors for the sport through a series of conferences and events
  • Consulting and advising across the RFU on programmes and projects affecting young people in the game

Meet the RFU National Youth Council

Cameron Taylor, 21, Devon

Rugby has been a massive part of my life both on and off the pitch, and I want ensure that more young people are able to gain the same opportunities within the game as I have. Through the NYC, I hope to promote the benefits of youth volunteering and inspire others to become young leaders in the sport

Henry Snow, 23, Gloucestershire

I am keen to help grow grassroots rugby and represent young people within the game. Being a member of the National Youth Council gives me the opportunity to highlight the views of young rugby players, coaches and volunteers at a national level and to ensure that the younger generation are represented in the decision making processes that affect our game.

Jake Hill, 19, Nottinghamshire

I applied to the National Youth Council for the greater opportunity to increase participation in grassroots rugby, especially the participation of young officials. I’ve refereed for 3 years and come from a rugby family. The game’s given me so many chances for personal development and great life experiences, therefore I’d like to help open the door for more young officials and young people to get into the game and enjoy it like I have.

Kate Marks, 19, Cambridgeshire 

I applied for the NYC because I feel very strongly about the benefits that young people can gain through participation in all aspects of rugby. I myself have seen this first hand, the self-esteem, the confidence, the ability to interact with different people, all skills that can be developed alongside of the more obvious physical benefits of the sport. Through my time on the council I hope we can share the opportunities to develop these skills with the ever growing number of young people involved within the game.

Lukas Farmer, 22, Northamptonshire

Applying to join the NYC comes from the passion, dedication and hunger I have for the sport! To interact and network with members of the RFU and have a say on young peoples rugby was why I applied for the position, for me to represent the younger generation of the sport! I strive to inspire many young people across the UK to take up the sport and have a go at it!

Maria Crowfoot, 21, Leicestershire

I applied for the Youth Council because I could see the positive impacts of rugby within my local area through our Spirit of Rugby Loughborough project, I now want to help develop all strands of rugby nationally. The development of women's rugby is a huge passion of mine, having played since I was 4 I know how important a good role model can be - I want to continue to be a positive role model and ultimately to inspire more young girls and women to take up rugby in any capacity!

Megan Cliff, 18, Gloucestershire

I decided to apply to become a member of the NYC because I wanted to be part of an amazing team that brought their ideas together to continue to make changes, personally I wanted to be part of the growth, development and retention of players/ grass roots rugby- or looking at returning 'lost' players at University level. I have been passionate about rugby for many, many years and would love to share the team/ family spirit that celebrate your successes and guide you through your lows.

Rebecca Tweedy, 21, Sussex

Rugby is my biggest passion and has been since I can remember. What I have experienced and achieved through being involved is second to none, for example getting a place at university due to playing and volunteering! I want to be a part of the future success in rugby especially focusing on Mixed Ability and Women's/Girls Rugby, I feel this has massive potential!

Sam Clarkson, 17, Oxfordshire

I applied for the NYC because my passion for Rugby goes beyond just playing, I want to be a voice for youth rugby in what is an incredibly exciting time for Rugby as a whole. As Rugby continues to grow and strive to improve, I wanted to be a voice for the future of Rugby not just locally but on a much wider scale.

Josh Payne, 18, Berkshire

I joined the National Youth Council because I have a drive for rugby and I believe that the future of the sport is in today's youth. By being within the NYC I am able to communicate, network, and have an input on today's rugby and the future! I aspire to keep growing and hopefully make positive changes while I have this amazing opportunity.

Yasmin Proctor-Kent, 22, Northumberland

I only started playing rugby four years ago and have gained so much from both the game and the rugby community. I applied to the NYC to increase my ability to give back to the game. The networking links many young people as possible have the opportunity to experience rugby.