Barnsley RFC win Pitch up and Play prize

  • Barnsley RFC win £3,000 after recruiting over 50 new female players through Pitch up and Play
  • Pitch up and Play offers taster sessions to introduce women to rugby

Barnsley RFC have won £3,000 to go towards training facilities having recruited more new female players than any other club from January this year. 
The competition was launched at the beginning of the year to encourage clubs across the country to host Pitch up and Play rugby taster sessions. 
The session are specifically tailored to introduce women to the basics of rugby. 
With the aim of recruiting thousands more women, Pitch Up and Play sessions have been taken up by around England, giving them a chance to sell women’s rugby to their local community. 120 clubs will take part this year aiming to bring 2,400 women into rugby.
Barnsley RFC’s Pitch Up and Play session saw 54 new women’s players turn up for a training session with coaches now hoping to convert them in a development team. 
The club helped spread the word of their event through social media and word of mouth as well as encouraging existing members to become recruiters in their own right. 
After such a successful session, Barnsley are now in talks to organise another to tie in with the town’s Mayor Parade. 
The prize money will go towards training lights to allow the women to train more each week and therefore develop the game further. The winner of the next stage of the Pitch up and Play competition will be announced in July.

Find out how to get involved in a session near you here.