Eddie Jones Q&A ahead of first Argentina Test

As England land in Argentina, head coach Eddie Jones updates the media on preparations ahead of Saturday's first Test.

How are the squad settling into being in Argentina?

“Good. This morning (Monday) they’ve been in doing some weights and a little bit of skill work and everyone seems to be feeling pretty good. The backs did some catch-pass drills and the forwards some line-out work.”

What does Tuesday have in store?

“Tomorrow we have a recovery day and then will have a very healthy run on Wednesday.”

Can you talk to us about the attitude of the squad?

“When you have a good team that work as a team, they work to help each other, them helping with offloading equipment from the bus is just enough example of them working to help each other and the staff. It’s good interaction. We have a number of young players here who have been well educated in the pathway teams and understand how important it is to do your bit and muck in.

“Everyone has a responsibility to do their bit. We want to have two levels of management. One is the staff and one is the players. This is still the same team, this is still England, we’ve got different players but we want them to be responsible, self-driven and self-reliant.”

Can you give us an example of how you are trying to make the players responsible, self-driven and self-reliant?

“We’ve just had a units meeting then, and the players ran the meeting. We had a forwards meeting and a backs meeting and we set up like the coaches were going to run it and we left it to the players to run.

“They are the sort of things we are doing to develop the leadership of the players and develop their thinking of the game and give them more responsibility about being active. Be a participant, don’t be a recipient. Professional sport to a large extent has developed players to be a recipient and it’s our great belief that to be a world cup winning team you have to be a participant because they have to want to add.

“We’ve got to trust the players and allow them to fail. There is nothing wrong with failing. Today was an opportunity for them to either grow or to fail and learn from that failing.”

Can you talk to us about how you view this tour?

“If you look at the context of this Test match Argentina are under pressure, they are under a lot of pressure to win this game, they didn’t have a great 2016 they know they are playing an under-strength England side so all the pressure is on them.

“When you are under pressure you can do one of two things, you can become even more adventurous or you can revert back to type. The Argentinean base game has always been muscle, everyone eats steak, everyone wants to scrum so it is a matter of where they go. Our preparation has got to be so we are prepared for either of those. They might start to run the ball from anywhere so we don’t know.”

Can you give us fitness updates on Chris Robshaw and Denny Solomona?

“Chris Robshaw is progressing nicely, he is going to be a bit of a toss of the coin to see if he is right to play. Solomona is flying, he’s like a flying salmon. He’ll be alright.”