England await 2019 Rugby World Cup draw

England discover two of their four opponents for the 2019 World Cup when the draw takes place in Kyoto, Japan on Wednesday (9am).

The tournament will see 20 teams take part and they will be drawn into four groups of five.

The 12 teams who finished in the top three of their groups at the last World Cup automatically qualify for the event.

They have been split into three bands based on their world ranking, with eight more teams yet to be decided.

World Champions New Zealand, England, Australia and Ireland are in band one.

France, Scotland, South Africa and Wales make up band two, while Argentina, Georgia, Italy and Japan are in band three.

One team from each band will be drawn into each World Cup group, while the teams yet to qualify are in the two remaining pots – band four and five.

Band One: New Zealand, England, Australia, Ireland
Band Two: Scotland, Wales, South Africa, France
Band Three: Argentina, Japan, Georgia, Italy
Band Four: Oceania 1, Americas 1, Europe 1, Africa 1
Band Five: Oceania 2, Americas 2, Play-Off Winner (between Europe 2 and Oceania 3), Repechage Winner