Get involved in women's rugby

During the Women's World Cup the Red Roses have inspired thousands of women to take up rugby, find out how you can get involved. 

Free your Inner Warrior

Thousands of women have been taking part in Warrior Camps and there are still opportunities for you to sign up a session here. 

The Warrior Camps offer a fun introduction to the basics of rugby as well as an enjoyable fitness routine to get you out of your comfort zone. 

And it's not just newcomers who are getting behind Warrior Camps, with the Red Roses lending their support to encourage women to give rugby a go...

“To all those girls and women watching back at home I hope one positive to come out of today is that another girl goes out and takes up this brilliant sport," said Katy Mclean. 

Try Touch

You can also sign  up for an O2 Touch session here and experience social fitness at its very best as well as learn the basics of rugby. 

You can either pitch up and play with some friends or join a local league in your area. 

Find Rugby

If you are looking to play regular, fifteen a side rugby or other forms of the game then find a club near you here and become part of the local rugby family.