Jones on facing France in NatWest 6 Nations

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England head coach Eddie Jones gives his reflections on the defeat to Scotland and how they plan to change things during their fallow week preparations for their next NatWest 6 Nations game against France.

How have you reflected on that performance against Scotland?

“I take responsibility for the performance, it wasn’t good enough. We felt we had good preparation but the preparation wasn’t right.

“We’ve done an exhaustive investigation into finding out what wasn’t right and there are some things that we’ve found we could’ve done a bit better. There are a couple areas of the game that got exposed again that we need to work on and we’re coming up with solutions to those.

“We’re all gutted as we put a lot into the preparation, we thought we’d prepared well and we played poorly. Again, I give full credit to Scotland they played very well and all credit should go to them. So we're disappointed but we’re moving on to prepare for France now.”

Are you able to elaborate on those areas that you’ve identified?

“Breakdown. We got caught at the breakdown area against a side that double jackles so we need to change a few things technically and the mindset of the players.

“Then our space in defence where we were too tight at various stages and we need to react better to the way teams defend. We’ve been caught like that before Australia and these things are hard to fix but we’re determined to fix them, we’re determined to put in a good performance against France.”

How do you get the players to fix it on the hop at that time during matches, is that something you have to try and look at?

“Well that’s the next step. It’s very easy to talk about leadership and how to change things but it’s harder to do.

“If I just give a historical example of New Zealand and how long it took them to fix things on the field, it took them eight years to fix it – we’re trying to do it in four, so everything’s a bit more difficult for us.

“After 20 minutes would have been ideal if we’d have reacted quicker, but we didn’t so it took us until half-time but that’s the progression of the team. Unless you have these sort of lessons you don’t learn from them and we’ve learnt a lot. It’s a harsh lesson, it’s a lesson we don’t want to have again but the likelihood is we could well have it.”

And also leadership on top of that?

“Well it’s a combination of both, yeah.”