Jones: 'We've got to keep learning'

Eddie Jones believes his side must continue to learn following a 22-16 loss to France in Paris.

Head coach Jones highlighted the improvement in his team's performance as the game wore on but said they were slow to adapt to certain areas, including the breakdown.

"We're obviously very disappointed," he said. "We didn't take our opportunities to score points when we had to. Significantly we gave too many penalties away, which was the difference in the game. The breakdown again caused us trouble, I thought we improved in that area but not enough as we needed to.

"We just didn't learn quick enough. I'm not 100% sure why but there's no lack of effort.

"The game is changing a little bit, we're probably slow to adapt to it. As you can see at the end of the game when we had a bit of power on the field and got the ball going forwards our tactics looked better.

"We're not adapting to the referee's interpretation at the ruck as well as we should. We've just got to keep learning in those areas. They are painful lessons at the moment.

"We're a rugby team, I don't think any rugby team has an aura of invincibility about them. Every team has a weakness and certain strengths and at the moment, teams are outplaying us in certain areas of the game. We've got to learn from that."

'We're going through a tough period'

England had chances to win the match in the final minutes but couldn't quite convert their opportunities, with France showing resolute defence.

"We're going through a tough period. We were always going to go through this at some stage, any team that is developing as we are goes through these periods where the game doesn't love you.

"If the game loved us today we might have won that game but we didn't. We didn't get the bounce of the ball or the 50-50 decision and we're in the losers chair.

"It's not a happy place to be but I don't think we can get too carried away or too melodramatic about where we are."

Despite his side being defeated, Jones called for a strong finish to the tournament next week against Ireland.

"I was pleased with the effort today. We were disappointed with how we played against Scotland  and the attitude today was good.

"We were in a position to win the game, but we weren't able to execute it. It's always difficult to pick up a side when you've lost but that's the challenge for us, and it's full steam ahead."