'We’ve got to be the hungriest team' - Jones

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Eddie Jones says the 'healthy competition' and a 'hungry environment' is becoming visible within his squad ahead of the NatWest 6 Nations.

The England squad are in Portugal for a training camp before their tournament opener against Italy on Sunday 4 February.

Asked about the challenge of winning the title for a historic third time in a row, Jones responded: “We’re going to need to be more hungry and that’s why we don’t mind about not being the darlings of European rugby, as it gives us something to chase.

“We’ve got to be the hungriest team in the tournament to win it and that’s what we’re aiming to - our preparation started on Monday and certainly all the signs we saw from the players is that’s what they want.

“It helps having these younger players in because they’re so hungry for success.

“When you’ve got a successful team people want to be a part of that, and so they know they’ve got to work hard to get in. The guys that have been there, they want to stay there as they’ve got the chance to do something that maybe they’re never going to have a chance to do, so they don’t want to let this opportunity go.

“We’ve got healthy competition between the team and we’ve got a hungry, hungry environment.”

'We'll get better'

England have only lost one Six Nations match over the past two tournaments, the only defeat Jones has had in his 23 matches in charge, as they secured back-to-back titles and a Grand Slam.

Jones says the characteristics of the squad are why he believes their performances will continue to improve in 2018. "Where we are at the moment is just the start."

“You’ve got to work hard to be successful and we’re prepared to work hard," he added.

“The players did a wrestling session on Tuesday. It was 10 minutes of wrestling and in that you can work out who wants to do it and who doesn’t want to do it because it hurts, it’s hard.

“We’ve got a playing team and a squad now that wants to work hard to be the best they can, whether that was the case in the past I don’t know, but I know what we’ve got now and these players are prepared to go even further to do it.

“So where we are at the moment is just the start – we’ll get better and better and better."