Jones expects England development

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Head coach Eddie Jones says the progression of England in the long-term will benefit from a first defeat in 2018.

England are preparing for their trip to Paris to face France in round four of the NatWest 6 Nations off the back of a loss in Scotland.

However, Jones believes the set back at Murrayfield will provide a platform to be beneficial.

"Sporting history shows you that you've got to have a few tough defeats to win and win consistently," he said.

"This, to me, is a natural process in the team's development. It's hard to take, it's not easy to take but it is a natural process in this team's development.

"If you don't go through it you miss a step, and you know what they say if you miss a step on the ladder, you know where you end up, back down the bottom of the ladder.

"So we've got to take each step, accept our punishment that we were not quite there and then work hard to get on that next step."


"My reaction is the same - last night I was waking up at 4 o'clock as I can't sleep as it annoys me losing a game we shouldn't have lost."

Jones' drive to make England the best team in the world has caused a few early starts recently as he prepares his team for France. "There's a lot of grit, there's a lot of focus, there's a lot of pride in this team."

In his first year as head coach, England secured a Grand Slam in Le Crunch and Jones says the ability of the side should not be questioned.

"You don't win 24 out of 26 games by doing a lot of things wrong," he added.

"It means we're doing a lot of things right but we've gone off course a little bit so we just need to put the ship back on course.

"The beneficial part of this loss was that we've got the team together and we've been able to see how players react, how coaches react and how the whole group reacts.

"There's a lot of grit, there's a lot of focus, there's a lot of pride in this team. The leaders are starting to be more influential, they're starting to learn how to lead."