Borthwick Q&A: Updates on injuries and the squad

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As England prepare to face Wales at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday in their second game of the 2018 NatWest 6 Nations, England forwards coach Steve Borthwick provides an update on preparations for the game.

What's your reaction to the news about Ben Youngs?

"Obviously the first thing is he's a player and you're tremendously disappointed for him. He's been playing so well, working so hard to constantly improve his game.

"Interestingly though, like he said to me this morning, it's an opportunity for him to get better and he's already embracing the opportunity it gives to come back physically even better shape than he's ever been in. 

"So he's taken a really great approach to what is clearly a really disappointing situation."

Is there hope he will be back in time for the South Africa tour?

"He's seeing the specialist later today I think to get the full information on everything and then a plan will be made from there."

Nathan Hughes has come into camp, what's the hope with his involvement?

"He's come into camp like we've done with players in the past to assess where they're at and how their rehabilitation period has gone.

"He's been very diligent in his preparation, he did a short session with me yesterday and looks in really good shape."

So he could be back for which round?

"I think at this stage it is probably just getting assessed to see exactly where he's at and he's just progressing."

A word on Richard Wigglesworth, what does he bring to the squad?

"Firstly he's an outstanding player who brings a great experience and knowledge of the game, he's been playing at the top level of European rugby for a long time now.

"I was sitting in meetings with him this morning and the input he has, the experience he has, the ideas he has have been excellent.

"He's come into camp and straight away fitted in seamlessly with the players, picking up all the calls and everything he needs to do.

"One thing that always stands out for me is always how fit and the great condition he's in, for a player in that position you need to be and he certainly is that.

"All the times I used to see him in the fitness tests in the summer when we did fitness testing, there was always him and Neil de Kock at the front and he's continued that - he's playing well and is in fantastic shape."

England Women take on Wales in the Six Nations at the Twickenham Stoop before the men's game at 12.15 on Saturday 10 February. Tickets available from £10 for an adult and £5 for U16s. Visit to book your place.