Sutton and Epsom feeling the benefits of GMS

  • Club volunteer Karen Munro talks through her use of the Game Management System (GMS)
  • Munro’s participation in the GMS Spring Clean was rewarded with a trip to Twickenham
  • Find out more about GMS here 

When Karen Munro took her eldest son to Sutton and Epsom RFC for the first time fourteen years ago, she didn’t anticipate how involved she would eventually become in grassroots rugby. 

“I remember turning up on a cold Sunday morning in January with my son after England had won the World Cup in 2003,” says Munro. 

“I was taken aback by how many people were there - an entire field full of children running around, with so many welcoming parents and volunteers.

Before long Munro became team manager of the under 9s and then the membership secretary for the entire club, a position she holds to this day alongside her husband who is club chairman. 

Getting the hang of it 

The Game Management System (GMS) is a tool used by clubs to complete a variety of administration tasks that are vital to ensuring the successful running of a rugby club.

Having become familiar with managing a data system, Munro says she it didn’t take long to get used to GMS when she was first introduced to it. 

“I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I understood how important the data could be for the club if it was organised and the details were right. 

“It’s a huge improvement on what we used previously. We use it in several ways now but primarily it is our membership database. We can check people’s registrations and whether they have paid or not and it also helps us communicate with our members through a weekly email we send out.

“We made good use of the Spring Clean this year to tidy up a lot of our data.  We also use it to make sure our coaches and referees are all qualified to the same standard as well as for DBS Checks.”

‘A great experience’ 

As a reward for her efforts in using GMS, Munro and several members of her club were invited to watch England’s Old Mutual Wealth Series match against Argentina from a box at Twickenham, a prize awarded for completion of the 2016 GMS Spring Clean.

“It was a great experience, especially as I brought along other people from the club who all work so hard to help it prosper so it was a fantastic day.”

For Munro, the next stage is to develop her knowledge of GMS and implement it in new areas to help develop the club and she a few tips for any new users.

“It is always helpful to talk to other people who are using it to learn how it can work for your club and what they do well. There are still tricks that I don’t know but once you figure it out it has benefits for the entire club.”