Booking a Rugby 365 Pitch

Rugby 365 artificial grass pitches (AGPs) are now available for hire, offering year-round rugby facilities.

To register an account and book a pitch near you, click on a location highlighted in the below map.

More Rugby 365 sites will be coming with 60 RFU owned pitches planned in total. Stay up to date by checking the website and by following England Rugby on Twitter.

For a list of Rugby 365 sites near you, click HERE.

The booking site is now live. In order to select and book your hours on a RFU artificial grass pitch, please go to

To book hours on a Rugby 365 pitch you must first register an account for your club. To do so, please go to

User Full Pitch per hour (peak times) Full Pitch per hour (off peak)
Rugby £90 £40
Local rugby partnership £30 £20
Other (non rugby) £120 £50
  • All prices exclude VAT
  • To book your pitch click here
  • To enquire about block rates and half pitch prices please click here
User Opening Times Peak Times 
Monday 1000 - 2200 1800 - 2100
Tuesday 1000 - 2200 1800 - 2100
Wednesday  1000 - 2200 1800 - 2100
 Thursday  1000 - 2200 1800 - 2100
 Friday  1000 - 2200 1800 - 2000
 Saturday  0900 - 1900  1200 - 1700
 Sunday  1000 - 2200  1000 - 1800

There is no application process for this scheme. We have a list of selection criteria and through our consultation with the relevant Constituent Body (CB) will gain the local knowledge of where these pitches should be located, either fully-funded by the RFU or in partnership in the case of community sites.

Over half of RFU clubs are overusing their pitches by an average of 75%, which ultimately has a detrimental impact on the standard of the surface, games and training sessions and player satisfaction.

The installation of the pitches will create over 50,000 more playing hours for clubs across the country, ensuring more matches and training sessions can occur. The additional games and training sessions created will allow more participation at flexible times to suit the changing playing demands we are currently seeing. We also expect the creation of additional AGPs will generate over 16,000 participants playing at least once every two weeks, with 58,000 players exposed to rugby for the first time each year and ensure there will be over 20% World Rugby compliant AGPs in England.

The site will have 4 sets of 6-a-side goals, but you will need to mark the pitch with either tape or cones as it will be marked for Rugby only.

These are laid down in World Rugby Regulations (number 22) which defines the required performance characteristics and standards of an artificial grass pitch that is suitable for rugby union.

Third generation or 3G artificial grass pitches are recognised as durable, safe, year-round playing surfaces, able to withstand intensive use and all kinds of weather. They mean more people can benefit from all the associated social and health benefits of physical activity.

Concerns have however been raised about the safety associated with these pitches and their constituent parts, most commonly the presence of rubber crumb. We take these concerns very seriously.

We have monitored numerous independent scientific studies on this issue, which have reported a very low/negligible level of concern for human health as a result of 3G pitches and rubber crumb. 

Indeed, the European Chemicals Agency has recently published its own findings, following an extensive EU-wide study, and has found no reason to advise people against playing sport on 3G pitches with rubber crumb. 

The Sports and Play Construction Association, the UK trade body for the sports pitch industry, is working to develop a voluntary industry standard that will provide restrictions that go above and beyond what is currently required for rubber crumb under European regulation. The RFU, Sport England and leading sport governing bodies all support this approach and will continue to work with the industry to provide reassurance that pitches in this country are safe.

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