Welcome to Activate the RFU’s Injury Prevention Exercise Programme

The contact nature of rugby union means that injuries do occur, through the research the RFU carries out the understanding of what type of injuries and why injuries occur continues to advance.  There are a number of factors that can affect the risk of injury including player technique, coaching behaviours and how the game is officiated.  Through the RugbySafe initiative the RFU are working across all of these areas to improve the safety of players, furthermore the research into the Activate Injury Prevention Exercise Programme provides evidence that the conditioning of players significantly contributes to reducing the risk of injury.   The exercises included in the programme are designed to improve functional and core strength, balance and agility all of which assist a player in dealing with the physical demands of the game.

Key findings:

When players were highly compliant with the programme (3 times a week) there was a:

School boy study:

  • 72% reduction in overall match injuries
  • 59% reduction in concussion

Adult male community game study:

  • Trend toward reducing overall match injuries * 40% reduction in lower limb injuries
  • 59% reduction in concussion

To access the online programme resources please click on the programme which you’d like to sign up to:

U15 U16 U17/18 Adult

The online resources will be free to access, however it is highly recommended that coaches/teachers attend the face to face session  - courses can be requested through your club coach coordinator or relevant rugby lead (for school teachers/coaches), who should contact your local RDO/CRC.