Playing Environment

Having appropriate facilities, equipment and provision in place within any playing environment is an important factor that contributes towards player safety.

The club, school, college, university or activity organising body has a responsibility to ensure that the facilities, equipment and provision are suitable for the type of activity taking place and to ensure that arrangements are in place so that participants receive appropriate immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill. 

While there is a general requirement, it should be recognised that there is variation in the level of care that would be considered appropriate and this will depend on the individual circumstances at the club or venue. It will also depend on what is reasonably practicable for the club or organiser to provide; for example it is not realistic to expect a Level 11 club to provide the same level of care as that provided in the Premiership, however a Level 11 club still has a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which the game can be enjoyed.

All clubs, schools, colleges, universities or other rugby activity organisers should complete their own risk assessments to assert the level of provision required.  This process is no different from other risk assessments carried out for Health and Safety purposes. The RFU provides information and guidance on Health & Safety Risk Assessments and Facility Technical Advice.

The RFU Development staff work with clubs to achieve Club Accreditation. The scheme provides a framework for a club to show what it is doing, how it does it and where it can improve. Out of this process, facility and other club improvements may be identified. The RFU is committed to raising the standard of facilities at sustainable community rugby clubs, increasing the availability of high quality and safe playing environments and as such will be supporting clubs in obtaining Funding Grants.