Ticket Terms & Conditions

The RFU Ticket Terms & Conditions are covered in this section. You can view up-to-date copies of the relevant Ticket Application Conditions, full Ticket Distribution Conditions and Terms of Admission of Ticket Holders to the Stadium. You should also be familiar with the Stadium Ground Rules which are incorporated in the Terms of Admission.

Please note: if you have tickets for Rugby World Cup 2015 please read the tournament-specific Terms and Conditions here as they vary from our normal RFU matches.

You will find full ticket guidance notes available for you to download. These explain how to comply with the Ticket Terms and Conditions.

Please note: the Ticket Terms and Conditions impose specific obligations in respect of sponsors, including entering into a proper agreement with them.

Please see the RFU precedent sponsorship agreement (MS Word doc 29kB), which we advise you consider using for all agreements entered into with sponsors.

If you wish to use your own agreement, it should include all the features set out in the precedent sponsorship agreement. If you need any advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our legal department by emailing legal@therfu.com.