Ticket guidance notes

The RFU regularly issues ticketing guidance to all Constituent Bodies, debenture holders, member clubs, referee societies, schools and universities. These guidelines are designed to help them comply with Twickenham stadium's Ticket Terms and Conditions and are reviewed regularly in the light of changing circumstances. The latest versions are available below.

It is imperative that you (and all other individuals responsible for your ticket allocation) are familiar with not only the Ticket Terms and Conditions (incorporating the Ticket Application and Distribution Conditions and Terms of Admission) but also the applicable guidance, and that you use the guidance to help you and your club, Constituent Body etc to comply with these Ticket Terms and Conditions.

In any ticketing case referred to the RFU where the Ticket Terms and Conditions have been broken, failure to comply with the guidance is likely to increase any sanction that might be imposed (such sanction may include a reduction or loss of your ticket allocation).

For further information click on the relevant file below:

Ticket Guidance for Constituent Bodies (PDF 43kB)

Ticket Guidance for Debenture Holders (PDF 31kB)

Ticket Guidance for Member Clubs (PDF 43kB)

Ticket Guidance for Referee Societies (PDF 43kB)

Ticket Guidance for Schools (PDF 33kB)

Ticket Guidance for Universities (PDF 42kB)