Local sponsorship

As part of our Community Engagement Programme, the RFU tries to support and improve our local community through sponsorship of local events and the associations which add value to our area and make Twickenham, Whitton, Hounslow, Isleworth and Richmond some of the best places to live in London. 


We welcome applications for sponsorship from the above areas, or for events or action which will help residents in these areas.

We try where possible to work with partner agencies to help deliver local services and complement their work. If you would like to be considered as a possible partner agency, then please send us an e-mail with an outline of what you do, to twickenhamcommunity@rfu.com and we will be in touch. 

For smaller local grants, you can fill out the sponsorship form above. You can submit it at any point in the year and it will be held on file for consideration in the following round. 

We have listened to feedback and designed a process for allocating sponsorship which we believe is easy to use, fair and consistent.

Please be advised that we get many requests for sponsorship from within the local area and so it is not always possible to accommodate all of them, however they will all be judged on their merits and being unsuccessful should not be taken to mean that the applicant may not apply and be successful on another occasion.

We recognise that not everything in our area revolves around rugby and so we have designed the process around our
core values. These are Teamwork, Respect, Sportsmanship, Discipline and Enjoyment. We take these values extremely seriously and would like to see them promoted as widely as possible, as we believe that they are relevant in all areas of life, not just rugby.

Consequently we ask that you relate your sponsorship bid to these values to demonstrate how this can be achieved.
Criteria for sponsorship are as follows:

  • Focuses on the following postcodes - TW1 1/2/3/4, TW2 5/6/7, TW3 2, TW7 7 (with exceptions in Hounslow
    and Richmond)
  • Beneficiaries will include charities, local organisations, community groups and event
  • Support will cover a broad range of interests throughout the community