CBRE All Schools Ambassadors

Maggie Alphonsi MBE – England Women World Cup winner

“CBRE All Schools is an important programme as it takes rugby into schools and gives every young person the opportunity to get involved. I found rugby at school and it has changed my life in so many ways and I would love for more young people to have the same opportunities rugby has given me.”

Natasha Hunt – England Women World Cup winner

“Rugby is an inspirational sport that has the power to change lives. It can be enjoyed by everyone and enhances the value of sportsmanship for all those who play. The impact of the introduction of girl's rugby at Sir Graham Balfour School, where I currently teach PE, has been incredible. The respect and commitment of all the pupils involved has developed immensely, as well as their learning and self-esteem. It is for this reason that I think CBRE All Schools is a fantastic initiative and it is vital that pupils of all ages and genders jump on board.”

Jason Leonard – England’s most capped player

“I didn’t go to a traditional rugby-playing school, but I was lucky that when a new teacher joined he was able to introduce me to the game. Rugby really is a game for everyone of all shapes and sizes, which is why initiatives such as CBRE All Schools are so important, to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to enjoy the sport and its strong values.”

Andi Peters – TV presenter and producer

“I’m a passionate rugby fun and a true believer in the impact that participation in sport can have on people’s lives. This is particularly true with rugby and its core values, as it can help young people with their discipline and relationships with classmates, and most importantly its huge amounts of fun. Through my involvement with CBRE All Schools I want to introduce more young people to the game. I believe that every school child from whatever area or background should have the chance to take part in such a great game and I'm keen to help spread the word.”

Emily Scarratt – England Women World Cup winner

“Rugby is an all-encompassing sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. It has the ability to positively influence a child’s life and encourages them to adopt the RFU's core values. I have witnessed first-hand the enjoyment and social skills children can learn and develop through playing and actively participating in rugby. My school didn't offer rugby to girls but since then I have been back and led sessions with various groups of girls, who have all thoroughly enjoyed the different aspects rugby has to offer!”

Ben Shephard – TV presenter

“I love anything to do with sport, whether that’s watching, playing or presenting. I’ve been lucky enough to have plenty of opportunities to be involved in sport over the years and I know I developed my passion at school. Programmes like CBRE All Schools are so important to ensure that everyone has the same chance to participate, particularly in team sports like rugby that can have a huge impact on young people both on and off the pitch.”

Laura Wright – England Rugby official anthem singer and keen rugby player

“I loved playing all kinds of sport when I was at school; however, rugby was not an option, a missed opportunity I feel. I have found the sport now in my 20s but if rugby was introduced to women at a younger age, their potential could be realised sooner and for greater results. A sport with such complex rules and the discipline needed takes time to learn and I feel it has just as rightful a place as hockey, tennis and netball in the school curriculum.”