CBRE Meet the schools

There are currently 300 schools in CBRE All Schools, here are just a few stories from around the nation.

Alder Grange Community High

Alder Grange Community High in Rossendale, Lancashire only took up rugby union this season (2014-2015) as part of CBRE All Schools and has already seen over 50 students take part in the sport. 

Adam Good, who teaches PE at Alder Grange, said: “Participation levels have increased, we’ve made links with our local club and it’s been great to get access to specialised rugby coaches. Rugby’s had a really positive impact and we’ve embraced the sport’s core values (teamwork, discipline, respect, enjoyment and sportsmanship) right across the school.” 

Castle Manor Academy

Castle Manor Academy in Haverhill has been playing rugby union for three years thanks to CBRE All Schools, with students in all years embracing the sport. This year alone over 100 boys have played competitively and several have joined the local club – Haverhill RFC – because they enjoy it so much.

Graham Ellis, PE teacher at Castle Manor Academy, said: “CBRE All Schools has been a massively important programme for us and has made a real impact with our students with really high numbers now playing rugby.”

Christ’s College

Christ’s College in Guildford only took up rugby union this season (2014-15) as part of CBRE All Schools and has already seen students from four year groups take part. The main impact has been on the girls’ teams with an impressive uptake in both their lessons and in a very popular after-school club that has been established. 

Chrissi Thompson, who teaches PE at Christ’s College, said: “CBRE All Schools has significantly raised the profile of the girls’ game, which has been developed from scratch since the introduction of the programme. Our year 10 girls are now playing full contact and had their first home match recently, which was very well supported by staff and students. They are one of the most successful sports teams at the school.” 

Goff’s School

Students from Goff’s School in Cheshunt started playing rugby union three years ago as part of CBRE All Schools. Rugby is now an integral part of the PE programme with over 150 students playing each year from years 7 to Seniors. Last season teams from years 7, 8 ,9 and 10 were all district champions and Goff’s has now become a Sports Academy as a result of their success in the All Schools programme. 

Phil Tucker, Goff’s School PE teacher, said: “Most pupils had never played rugby before. I’m not sure they knew what to expect to begin with, but the way we presented rugby to them and with the opportunities we’ve been able to give them, it’s now one of the school’s most enthusiastically played sports.” 

Whitcliffe Mount School

Whitcliffe Mount School in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire is another school that took up rugby union three years ago as part of CBRE All Schools. Rugby is now a cornerstone of the school's sport offering with boys and girls from years 7 to 11 all playing the sport as part of the curriculum. The school has also forged good links with Cleckheaton RUFC and Castleford RUFC.

Kieren Hanogue, who teaches PE at Whitcliffe, said: “CBRE All Schools has created loads of opportunities for boys and girls at the school to take up rugby. They are benefiting in many ways, including leadership skills.”