Official Ball Supplier to England Rugby

Gilbert Rugby is a company with over 180 years of rugby heritage. When William Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it on the Close at Rugby School in 1823, it was a Gilbert ball he chose. Since that eventful day Gilbert have supplied balls to teams from all nations, at all levels and are proud to be the Official Ball Supplier to England Rugby.

The balls of today are completely different to the old leather 'pigs' of the past; the modern synthetic balls are more akin to Formula One racing tyres with hi-tech rubber compounds and grips. It is Gilbert's constant research and development that has maintained the brand as the number one choice in Europe and of the major rugby nations.

Not only does Gilbert manufacture the finest footballs, there is an extensive range of footwear, protection and rugby equipment that is worn by club and international players worldwide. The product range includes lightweight, high performance rugby boots, impact-absorbing protective wear and a complete range of training equipment and clothing.

Gilbert is truly an international brand name, which you will always find at the heart of the game.

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