RFU Inclusion Programmes

The RFU is committed to delivering the opportunity to play rugby union to everyone, regardless of age, race, ability, gender, sexual orientation and background.

From its 1900 grassroots clubs and 140 community coaches across the country, to the substantial investment it makes to offer a diverse range of inclusive programmes at both a local and national level, the RFU believes that rugby is a game that everyone can play and that its core values of respect, discipline, enjoyment, sportsmanship and teamwork provides a platform for engaging with those who often find themselves on the margins of society.

Through its clubs and programmes, the RFU seeks to engage with people who may have any number of challenges or barriers that may stop them from participating in the sport and help to overcome them. Working with partners where appropriate, the RFU aims to take positive steps to combat the risk of individuals or communities being excluded from mainstream society, for reasons including:

  • Unemployment
  • Crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Low income
  • Poor housing or homelessness
  • Family conflict/breakdown
  • Disability
  • Health

Participation in rugby

The RFU not only seeks to engage with people who may struggle due to one or more of the factors shown above, but it also aims to ensure that people from all sectors of our community - some who may appears to be under-represented in the sport - get the chance to participate in rugby.

Arguably, no sport is better placed than rugby union to reach out and engage with all sectors of our society. The RFU works tirelessly through its paid and volunteer workforce, and with a range of equally dedicated partners, works with those at risk of being marginalised, and has a positive effect on their lives.

This section of the website outlines some of the inclusion projects and success stories within the following areas:

For more information, please contact communityrugby@therfu.com