Anti-Doping FAQs

Who can be tested?
Any player named as a member of a team participating in a competition at any level within the UK is eligible for testing as part of the RFU Anti-Doping Programme. 

What is In-Competition Testing?
In-competition testing is testing conducted in connection with a match day. For rugby players in-competition testing will occur immediately following a match.

How are players selected for testing?
The selection of players for in-competition testing is determined by UKAD in conjunction with the RFU. The selection policy may be:
• a set number of players from each team (usually using random selection)
• target testing

What is Out-of-Competition Testing?
Out-of-competition testing is defined by WADA as “any testing not in-competition”. Such testing can occur at any time of the year and at any location, including your home, place of training, or even while you are overseas. RFU out-of-competition testing takes place with no advance notice or prior warning.