Player Registration (Men)

Player registration for adult men is fundamental to the integrity of RFU competitions and is administered in accordance with the Adult Player Registration Regulations (RFU Regulation 14), which are applicable throughout the season.

All players who are registering for Adult rugby must complete the Adult Player Registration form and be registered on the RFU’s Game Management System database. A player aged 17 who is registered for youth rugby is not automatically eligible for Adult rugby and must complete an Adult Player Registration form and be registered accordingly.

Please use the latest version of the Adult Player Registration form – Edition 23 to register your players. Registration guidance can be found on the page 2 of the form. The new player registration form is an editable pdf, except the signature fields, which you must sign. You also have the option to print out this form as before and complete in blue/black ink only. Please send the completed form together with all required supporting documents in the same email, to your RFU Registrar only.

England Academy Player (EAP)

The EAP Registration Form, Edition 1 should be used to register an England Academy player, from their Academy club to your club. The Section 6 – Club Declaration section should be signed by a representative of the player’s Academy club. An England Academy Player is permitted to simultaneously hold Effective Registration with one Club at Level 1 (Premiership), Level 2 (Championship), Level 3 and Level 4 at any one time.

Player registration guidance

The following is a guide to assist you when completing the Player Registration form. Please ensure all sections are fully completed – failure to do so will result in a delay with your registration application being processed.

  • Registration type;

    remember to tick as appropriate. For all Expedited registrations written confirmation must be provided by the releasing club, indicating the name and position of the official from that club. All expedited registrations are to be processed through your Regional Registrar. Their contact details are available here (PDF 68kB). The fee for an Expedited registration is £45.

  • Section 2; the name on the registration form is the name to be recorded on the team sheet. The “Known as” section is only where the player is known by a different name to his forename (e.g. where his middle name is used).
  • Section 3; players who are 17 years old may only play adult rugby, or train with other adults, if they have been assessed as capable to do so and the RFU Playing Adult Rugby Form has been completed and signed, in accordance with RFU Regulation 15.3.7 (PDF 57kB). It is not possible for a 17-year-old to play adult rugby unless this form is completed and signed. Once this form has been completed it must be retained by the club for 12 months. It does not need to be submitted to the RFU but you must indicate here that the form has been completed.
  • Section 4; if the place of birth is a different country to that of the player’s nationality then please ensure a copy of his passport and visa (where applicable) is obtained.
  • Section 5; if the player has moved to England from another Union (regardless of whether he was registered there or not), International Clearance must be obtained to comply with World Rugby Regulations. This is required for all levels but for clubs at Level 5 and below this does not need to be presented at the time of registration.
  • Sections 6/7; a Notification of Transfer Form (PDF 88kB) must be sent when the player is transferring from one club to another. On receipt of the Notification of Transfer the transferring club will have seven days to raise any objection to his registration. If no objection is raised then the player’s registration will become effective in seven days.
  • Section 8; for all Contracted Players who are transferring their registration to another club, written confirmation must be provided by the releasing club. This can be on email but must specify the name and position of the official from that club and confirm that the player is free from all contractual and financial commitments. This registration cannot be processed online by clubs themselves and must be processed by your Regional Registrar (PDF 68kB).
  • Section 10; if the player does not have a UK/EC passport please provide details of his passport/visa here.
  • Section 11/12; please ensure the relevant tick-box is completed. If the player is to be contracted (i.e. if he receives material benefit of any kind) a Contract Approval form (PDF 38kB) must be submitted with a copy of the registration application to Warren Collier. If your player is to be contracted and holds a visa it must permit him to be paid /receive material benefit. NB: check this before you offer the player a contract. For further information on visa types please see the RFU’s Non-UK Player Information document (PDF 24KB). For the avoidance of doubt please refer to RFU Regulations (PDF 78kB) for the definition of “Contract” and “Material Benefit”.
  • Section 13; must be signed and dated by the player.
  • Section 14; no player registration form will be accepted without the signature of a Club Official.

Online registration (for clubs in National 3/Level 5 & below)

Online registration is available for all clubs at Level 5 and below. If online registration is used by a club the player will become effectively registered upon completion of the process in the same way as if he had been registered by the Regional Registrar. Clubs wishing to use the online facility will be required to ensure the completed registration form is signed by the player to certify that the data is accurate and retain the form for at least 12 months from the date of Effective Registration. Please contact the Game Management System Support Desk to obtain login details for your club.

Clubs will be able to use online registration for the following:

  • Registering players who at the date of registration are not at that time registered with another club (and therefore there is no requirement to supply additional information to your Registrar)
  • Non-contracted players who are transferring from one club to another and there is no need to supply additional information (with the exception of the Notification of Transfer form [PDF 88kB] which is still required for all seven-day registrations). This must be sent to the player’s previous club the same day the registration is processed.
  • De-registering players from your registration list (please note this is a seven-day process)
  • Viewing an up-to-date list of your registered players and their status at any time

For assistance with online registration the helpdesk can be contacted either by emailing the Game Management System Support Desk calling 020 8831 6651.

For assistance with player registration for women please click here.

Player Loans

There are two new loan forms for the 2017-2018 season, one for Women and one for Men. The new forms are editable PDFs, except for the signature fields. Therefore, forms can be filled out on the computer, but must still be printed out and signed (blue/black ink only), before being submitted.

To apply please complete and return the new Women’s Loan Form or Men’s Loan Form, as appropriate and send to your RFU Registrar, whose contact details are below.

These new loan forms now include the ability to apply for the Student Pass Programme, where a copy of a valid student ID card is required. See below for more details on this programme.

Student Pass

We have been working to develop ways to make it easier for students to play for local rugby clubs and after introducing the Student Pass Programme during the 2015-2016 season, we will continue this programme into the 2017-2018 season. To apply please complete and return the new Women’s Loan Form or Men’s Loan Form, as appropriate and send to your RFU Registrar, whose contact details are below.

The Student Pass is intended to encourage students to play more rugby more regularly by introducing greater flexibility with the registration of players. This will enable genuine students to play for their home club and the club local to their higher/further education institution by undergoing a simplified and less onerous player registration process.

RFU Registrars & Universities Manager

If you have any questions please contact your RFU Registrar: 

Northern Division and Midland Division (Levels 5- 12): Nicola Russell at

London & South East Division ( and South West Division ( (Levels 5- 12): Bob Morrison.

National Leagues (Levels 1- 4): Warren Collier at


The RFU Universities Development Manager: Peter McCauley at


It is the responsibility of the club to ensure a player has the appropriate visa in order to be registered and, where applicable, contracted. Our information sheet (PDF 24kB) provides guidance on visa requirements for any non-UK born person wishing to play rugby in England.

Player contracts

To help clubs make contract arrangements with their playing staff, the RFU has drafted a number of model contracts.

In addition to the three player contracts, the RFU has drafted a model agreement for clubs to use for players who are not paid and only receive genuine expenses. This is not a contract of employment and does not need to be filed with the RFU. It can be used where a club wishes to have in place some form of documentation between the club and its amateur players.

Player agents

Any club who has recruited a player with the assistance of an Agent must complete an Agent Declaration form and return it to

For further information on Agents and for a list of Registered Agents, please go to