Developing commercial revenues for your club

During these economic times rugby clubs are facing challenges generating sufficient income to meet the rising costs associated with running a club, meaning it is more important than ever to develop and diversify revenue streams.

To support clubs to develop commercial revenues, the RFU has created support resources to enable clubs to generate more revenue.

Where to start? – the basics

The following resources have been created to give clubs a starting point in considering how your club could generate more revenue.

Resources will be delivered using the following channels:

  • The online tutorials are approximately 10-15 minutes in length.
  • The toolkits contain lots of helpful hints and tips to get you started – download them today!
  • Templates give you a starting point for putting into practice the information from the toolkits and help you to save time. 

Toolkit: Top 7 ways to get more revenue quickly (PDF 84kB) 

Online tutorial: Developing Commercial Revenue (Overview) 

Online tutorial: Maximising Revenue from your Bar and Catering 
Toolkit: Maximising revenue from your bar and catering opportunities (PDF 224kB)

Online tutorial: Effective Pricing and Packaging
Toolkit:; Effectively packaging and presenting your prices (PDF 248kB)

Online tutorial: Effective Market Research and Marketing 
Toolkit: Effective market research and effective marketing (PDF 228kB)

Online tutorial: Business Follow-up
Toolkit: Business follow-up (PDF 244kB)

Online tutorial: Customer Communication
Toolkit: Customer communication (PDF 100kB) 

Marketing series

Toolkits Templates
Marketing basics (PDF 192kB) Welcome letter – new member (MS Word 160kB) 
Writing for marketing purposes (PDF 232kB) Letter – free membership trial (MS Word 176kB)
How to write a sales letter (PDF 164kB) Letter/email – introducing a new product or service (MS Word 152kB)
Checklist for writing great marketing copy (PDF 324kB) Letter/email – reactivate members not currently using the club (MS Word 156kB)
Example Marketing Campaign (PDF 200kB) Letter/email – to members seeking introductions/leads (MS Word (MS Word 184kB)
Database – the single most important tool for your club (PDF 132kB)  Letter/email – invitation to an event (MS Word 152kB)
Follow up (PDF 140kB) Letter/email – open day invitation (MS Word 168kB)

Letter/Email – unusual promotion letter (MS Word 188kB) 
Partnership letter (MS Word 204kB)
Sponsorship letter (MS Word 188kB) 
Press release – announcing a new service (MS Word 172kB)
Press release – special offer (MS Word 168kB)


Being a good host – customer service series

                    Toolkits                 Templates
What customers want (PDF 192kB) Collecting feedback (MS Word 96kB) 
Top tips for increasing sales (PDF 140kB) Feedback questionnaire (MS Word 204kB)
Checklist for good customer service (PDF 1MB)

Raise the Bar – Bar Management series

                 Toolkits          Top tips videos
Bar Tip Sheets Over pouring & Measures
Bar Management Tips Your team
Products & Profits
Bar Experience
Hosting & Club Values
Cellar Management


How have other clubs done it?

Clubs from across the country, large and small, have come up with a variety of ways to generate income. The examples below illustrate just a few different ways some have managed to generate income to enable their rugby clubs to thrive:

Keswick RFC Developing a club income checklist (PDF 376kB)
Cheltenham RFC Club football and community links to generate income (PDF 412kB)
Carlisle RFC and 
Wirral RFC
Renovation of the clubs social spaces to increase functions hire and usage:
Carlisle RFC (PDF 368kB); Wirral RFC (PDF 272kB)
Millwall RFC Sponsorship – a guide for rugby clubs (PDF 284kB)
Crowborough RFC Building a new clubhouse to create a sustainable future (PDF 336kB)
Reading RFC Maintaining sponsor income, ensuring the collection of subs and maximising the use of the website (334kB)
Egremont RUFC From floods to a thriving rugby business in the community (PDF 452kB)

Money-saving links – Has been launched for clubs to access RFU Partner offers and discounted deals for all common areas of spend in the daily running of clubs. – Provides guidance to help community sports clubs use environmental sustainability to reduce their running costs. It contains a range of advice from understanding how much energy a club uses through to identifying, prioritising and funding sustainability projects.

RFU Alcohol (and Gambling) Licensing help

The Rugby Football Union together with Poppleston Allen Licensing Solicitors has set up a free Alcohol (& Gambling) licensing Helpline 0115 934 9177, which is available to address any issues or concerns you may have relating to the licensing of your premises. Please also consider the Rugby Football Union and Poppleston Allen Licensing Solicitors guide (PDF 200kB) to enable you to compare your current offer and practices with the requirements of the Licensing Act 2003.