Emergency funding

An emergency is any unforeseen act upon a club facility that renders the club unable to operate as a rugby club or to fulfil its business commitments. Such emergencies may be severe weather conditions resulting in flooding or wind damage to club facilities, damage from fire, theft or vandalism, an outbreak of foot and mouth disease or some other infectious disease, or pollution resulting in the postponement of matches and resultant financial hardship for clubs. An emergency situation may affect a number of clubs in a given geographic area or an individual club maybe subject to one of the emergencies outlined.

How? Both voting and non-voting member clubs affected by emergency situations can apply for emergency capital funding to assist the club in the short to medium term. Grants or loans of up to £5,000 can be made available.

When? Check immediately with your Area Facilities Manager (AFM) to discover whether you can access this funding, detailing any damage and the impact on club activities, whether the affected items are insured and the short term measures required to keep the club operating as repairs and insurance claims are processed. 

As soon as you experience an emergency. Help will be available a week from receipt of the full data.

Who? Contact your local RFU AFM:

Jon Bendle AFM
(Cornwall, Somerset, Devon, Dorset & Wilts and Gloucestershire)
jonbendle@rfu.com, 07753 881272

Jason Bowers AFM
(Middlesex, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire)
jasonbowers@rfu.com, 07703 466773

Rick Bruin AFM
(Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Essex)
rickbruin@rfu.com, 07738 029211

Peter Shaw AFM
(Notts, Lincs & Derby, Eastern Counties, Leicestershire, East Midlands and Warwickshire)
petershaw@rfu.com, 07734 070674

Tom Bartram AFM
(Lancashire, Cheshire, Staffordshire and North Midlands)
tombartram@rfu.com, 07841 156806

Alex Bowden AFM
(Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire and Cumbria)
alexbowden@rfu.com, 07764 336701