The RFU established the Game Management System (GMS) as a central platform to help clubs complete a wide range of Rugby administration tasks.

Key benefits include registering your players, managing your membership more efficiently, increasing revenue potential through online payments at a competitive rate, managing teams, fixtures and results and streamlining communication with your club members. 

Club Websites

GMS has an additional feature that allows Clubs to create their own public facing website via our system supplier First Sports International (FSI).

The RFU do not take ownership of these websites, however we do recommend that this is the best option for clubs looking to develop their own website as data from GMS will easily integrate with the website module and also provides clubs with an online payments facility that is linked to their GMS memberships, if they wish to use it.

Information on the websites and support queries should be directed to the dedicated FSI club website helpdesk: clubwebsites@first-sports.com

GMS for Schools, Colleges and Universities

To help support education institutions, we’re asking schools, colleges and universities to utilise GMS as tool to support rugby development in their institution.

Main rugby contacts within institutions have been contacted already to provide training on the system. 

For more information, support, or if you think your school / college / university hasn’t received any of the email communications, please contact schools@therfu.com.


Community Amateur Sports Club registration (CASC) is a tax status that clubs can chose to register with the HMRC to access a number tax benefits – however in doing so whilst there is a range of tax benefits for the club it does come with range of rules and regulations that clubs need to comply with and have the ability to prove if requested by HMRC.

The main one related to GMS/CASC is around the fact that Clubs need to be able to prove (show) that 50% of their members are participating and in the legislation HMRC have specifically defined who a participating member can be.

However who is a member is defined by the ‘Constitution/ rules’ of the club – not by GMS. As such GMS should be able to provide the administration tool to support this, linked to the ‘Constitution/rules’ of the club. GMS will allow you to create non-members or contacts that can be recorded in the system for communication purposes but not flagged as a member.

A participating member is a player (including juniors irrespective of the constitution) coaches, referees, first aiders, committee members and the definition of a participating member is  at least 12 times a year (that is meetings, attendance, playing, training etc)

Further information on CASC registration can be found at englandrugby.com/community-amateur-sports-clubs/or please email davestubley@rfu.com