How will the 270 clubs be selected to attend the workshops?

The clubs invited to attend one of the NEW workshops will be selected by local panels consisting of RFU Area Facility Managers in partnership with Constituent Bodies Facilities Coordinators and supported by Rugby Delivery teams.  The participating clubs will be those clubs who, in the opinion of the judges, have answered the following questions and would benefit the most from invitation to the workshops:

  • Please describe your project. What is it you want to do over the NatWest RugbyForce 2018 weekend and what will it achieve?
  • Describe how your club would benefit from running a community open day?

If my club has attended a workshop in previous years, does that mean we can’t attend again this year?

All member clubs of the RFU (and/or Constituent Body) are eligible to attend the workshops, whether or not they attended in previous years.  The workshop will cover a range of new subjects to help clubs make the most of their NatWest RugbyForce 2018 experience, including:

  • A NEW focus on ‘How to make the most of a running a Community Open Day’
  • Use case studies from a range of past successes focusing on revenue generation, social spaces, energy sustainability, grounds / pitches and health & safety.
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Looking back at the best of 2013- 2017 programme using video’s and  case studies and feedback to highlight the benefits of the programme and what can and has been achieved.
  • Marketing and communications advice to ensure that new audiences who visited the club in 2017 return
  • Use of England Rugby Deals to ensure that relevant cost savings are utilised

When will clubs find out if they have been successful in securing a place at a workshop?

The decision regarding the clubs invited to attend workshop and having the chance to receive the support pack of £750 will be made on 9 March 2018. Clubs will be notified of their invitation by email by 16 March 2018. To receive the financial support clubs need to accept the invitation and then attend the workshop.

When will the workshops take place?

The workshops are planned to take place in April/May 2018. They will be hosted locally and delivered by RFU Rugby Development Officers (RDOs).  

Please see Terms & Conditions  

How will the 6 clubs be selected for the large grant and support packages?

The clubs invited to attend 6 large grants and support packages will be selected by a national judging panel consisting of representatives from NatWest and the Rugby Football Union. The participating clubs will be those clubs who, in the opinion of the judges, write the most suitable responses to the following questions:

1. What challenges does your club face with regards to the proposed project?

2. What would the impact of the proposed project be at your club?

Online tools and documents will be able to downloaded from www.englandrugby.com/NatWestRugbyForce from the 9th March 2018


NatWest RugbyForce provides an opportunity to welcome club members, volunteers and local businesses from the community for a weekend of DIY and activity followed by a the opportunity to run a community open day but this is not the only advantage of taking part in NatWest RugbyForce 2018.

Clubs that register by 11th February 2018 and answer the required questions will have the chance to be considered as one of the 270 clubs selected by our judging panel to attend a workshop or one of the 6 clubs selected to receive a large grant and support package. Please see FAQs for more information and Terms & Conditions.

270 support packs of £750 are available for clubs who are invited and attend the NEW NatWest RugbyForce 2018 workshops.

6 large grant support packs of £5,000 with professional support are available for clubs who are invited to run one of the following projects either:

a.      Pitch Maintenance Kick Start.

Enhance your summer pitch renovation plans for 2018 with the help of NatWest RugbyForce 2018. The winning club will receive support and advice from Keith Kent and other Rugby Groundsmen Connected Ambassadors, who will help the club, invest the £5,000 grant in the best way possible.

b.      Energy Smart.

Utility bills are rising year on year and NatWest RugbyForce 2018 gives clubs the chance to fight back. With help and advice from RFU Energy Club experts; a whole host of facility improvements, management plans and specialist gadgets can be used to help your club become more energy efficient and keep energy expenditure down.

c.       Transform Your Social Space.

High-quality, well-designed social spaces can help rugby clubs to increase footfall, generate revenue and become more sustainable. NatWest RugbyForce 2018 wants to support clubs achieving just that through the provision of bespoke interior design advice and grant funding to support the delivery of an impact refurbishment project.

d.      A place for all to play

Specifically targeted at the growth of women and girls rugby; NatWest RugbyForce 2018 wants to support projects that create a more appropriate and harmonious changing environment at rugby clubs. Design advice will be provided to support projects such as toilet and/or shower improvements, privacy screening or simple enhancements to the look and feel of the facilities.

e.      Health & Safety/Accident Prevention/Safe Place.

NatWest RugbyForce 2018 provides a perfect opportunity for improvements at rugby clubs designed to make them as safe as possible for club members and visitors alike. Health and safety is a key issue both on and off the pitch so whether it’s goalpost safety or internal clubhouse accident prevention use NatWest RugbyForce 2018 to make a difference.

f.        Young Person (U24) led project.

Try something different with your NatWest RugbyForce 2018 project this year by working with a younger volunteer group to bring in fresh ideas and a youth perspective. Whether you’re looking to transform your social space, develop your changing rooms or spruce up your club house, encouraging your Young Rugby Ambassadors to take the lead takes pressure of your usual volunteers and helps you identify future leaders for your club.

  • In addition, clubs will have the chance to win an England Rugby legend to join your NatWest RugbyForce weekend in June.  Information regarding this opportunity will be announced by April 2018.
  • All other clubs that register for NatWest RugbyForce can look forward to receiving a host of exciting rewards and benefits, from online toolkits, to marketing and communications advice and access to special offers.