Rugby Club Administration and Legal Processes

Getting the administrative side of your community rugby club right is an important part of ensuring success on the pitch. If the behind-the-scenes requirements are managed effectively, attention and energy can rightly be focussed on the field of play.

This section aims to advise community clubs on taking the correct administrative and legal decisions, and how to come to those decisions. An appropriately sized and properly functioning club committee is a key element of making thorough and representative decisions which benefit all sections of the club.

The RFU wants to ensure clubs comply with all necessary obligations, such as data protection and employment law; and protect their committee members and volunteers by incorporating the club either as a Company Ltd By Guarantee or Industrial Provident Society; and look to maximise their income potential by becoming a community amateur sports club.


The RFU has arranged helplines for clubs to obtain free advice on any legal or tax related matter, as well as online support for the creation of standard contracts and legal documents.

Legal & Tax Helpline: 0330 303 1877


RFU clubs are provided with online support for the creation of legal documents. This service allows clubs to draft your own legal documents instantly, simply by answering a series of easy-to-answer questions. 

Many documents are available free of charge, and include such things as:

  • Employment agreement
  • Consultancy agreement
  • Website privacy policy
  • Health and safety policy creator
  • Agreement for the supply of goods
  • Debt collection letters

To access the system click here. Clubs will need to register by entering the RFU clubs' voucher code - ARAG751BIZ


The RFU has arranged legal expenses insurance with ARAG for all RFU clubs for up to £100,000 each and every claim. For a summary of the RFU’s commercial legal expenses insurance, click here or visit the website for more information. 

RFU Alcohol (& Gambling) Licensing help

The Rugby Football Union together with Poppleston Allen Licensing Solicitors has set up a free Alcohol (& Gambling) licensing Helpline 0115 934 9177, which is available to address any issues or concerns you may have relating to the licensing of your premises. Please also consider the Rugby Football Union and Poppleston Allen Licensing Solicitors guide to enable you to compare your current offer and practices with the requirements of the Licensing Act 2003.