Employment Law

It is important for community rugby clubs to understand the rules and regulations regarding legislation for employees. Whether it is casual bar staff, an overseas import in the first XV or contractors working on club facilities, clubs need to know where they stand.

To help clubs navigate through this difficult area, the RFU has produced an Employment Law Briefing - Advice For Clubs (PDF 54kB) and a Self Employed vs Employed Status For Rugby Clubs note (PDF 270kB).

Guidance from HMRC

Please note: There are important changes in employment procedures that clubs need to be aware of. Please see the RFU briefing note for further details – see Important Changes in Employment Procedures for Clubs (PDF 272KB).

Also of use will be the RFU Liability for Players document (PDF 32kB), which contains information clubs should be aware of if they are playing their players.

Please remember that this document is designed as an introduction and as it is not a definitive guide should not be a substitute for the advice of a financial professional.