Competitive Rugby

Rugby really is a game for all shapes and sizes and all kinds of player. There’s a position for everyone in our team.

Playing Competitively

Competition is a fundamental but still fun aspect of rugby union and being part of a team playing regularly against opposition which tests your skill and fitness levels brings tremendous enjoyment and camaraderie. Whether it’s traditional 15-a-side rugby or the fast and dynamic sevens version of the game, teams up and down the country run out every week to enjoy competing against each other. Wearing the shirt, the thrill of winning, learning to handle defeat with dignity, is all part of the competitive game. After a full-on contest out on the pitch, clubhouses resound to congratulation and commiseration and there are promises to meet again for a rematch.

Of course, the forwards, the big guys up front, love the joke “What do you call people who hang around with rugby players?” Answer: backs (the flash, fast players).

But teammates love to tease and those eight man scrums really value the seven who gallop down the pitch with the ball once the forwards have won it.

It’s 80 minutes of full contact fabulous sport, all about running, evading, passing, kicking, tackling and then – ah the drop goal to win a Rugby World Cup!

This is rugby at its best, with all the renowned discipline and sportsmanship and all the enjoyment that makes it special. It’s a game for everyone and there’s a team somewhere waiting for you. So grab your boots, they’ll make you welcome!


This really is a game for all shapes and sizes and all kinds of player. There’s a position for everyone in the 15-a-side team.


Sevens is a global sport with a huge following, and activities take place all over England. With only seven players in each team, it means more ground for each person to cover and more possession of the ball for each player – creating a faster, freer opportunity to unleash your inner warrior. It is a game that really exploits the basics of rugby – running, passing, tackling and decision making, and you will need speed, skill and stamina.
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