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This is XRugby7s. A new format of rugby, which is big on enjoyment, and low on commitment. It’s a quicker game, with fewer players which can be played almost anywhere.  It is contact rugby but not as you know it! 
Whether you’ve never played before, or you’re getting back into things, XRugby7s is the game for you.

You can get involved in two simple ways – by signing up, or just turning up. Either way, we’ll show you the ropes and you’ll meet a load of new friends looking to do the same thing. Alternatively, if you’ve played before and want to play as a team, you can enter a team into a league.

Some things you need to know:

  • XRugby7s is played on half a standard pitch
  • There is a reduced intensity of contact
  • The format includes new features such as the Max Zone - extra points for scoring in the middle of the pitch (swan-dive optional).

If you lead a busy lifestyle but still want your fix of the game, register your interest usin the form to find out where you can play XRugby7s. If you can't find a venue near you, don't worry - more venues are coming soon.


Anything you feel comfortable exercising in. You’ll need studded boots and also need a gum-shield, these can be found in local sports shops.

Most players come ready to play, but all venues will have male and female changing facilities – ask your venue operator if its not immediately clear where these are located.

A warm welcome, a high energy session which will leave you feeling great. When you arrive at the location indicated on the website, look out for one of our operators wearing XRugby7s or England Rugby kit, they will introduce you to everyone taking part.

Sessions are 60 mins long they are great for fitness and lots of fun. You’ll have a warm-up followed by either games if you have played before, or an engaging coaching session where our operators will give you all the tools you need to play XRugby7s.

Your first session is always free, thereafter there is a small charge for each session (usually between £3.00-£5.00)each.

Of course! XRugby7s is ideal for playing with old friends or making new ones. Everyone is welcome.

XRugby7s is currently an adult’s programme (18+)

The session on the website will update and show you if it is cancelled for any reason, and if you have registered for the session we will send you an email. (this happens very rarely).

Yes, as XRugby7s is contact rugby, you will need to bring a gum-shield.

Yes, feel free to come along and support, bring your kit just in case you feel like getting involved.

Details for each venue can be found on the website. Alternatively, please contact your local XRugby7s Operator or Ambassador. Each site has different parking facilities so please check the details of your centre or contact your local XRugby7s Operator for more information.

We always encourage socialising after XRugby7s sessions. For specific details of what’s happening at your XRugby7s centre, have a look at the website or get in touch with your local XRugby7s centre Operator or Ambassador.

All sessions are constantly updated by our local XRugby7s teams, so while locations do sometimes change the details, including directions, will always be on the XRugby7s website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your local XRugby7s centre Operator or Ambassador.

Your XRugby7s Operator will guide you through the simplified law changes. But the basics can be found here and on our resources page!

XRugby7s consists of two types of activity. Pitch up and play, where anyone is able to join in a session and be coached by our friendly and welcoming staff. We also have XRugby7s regular playing opportunity, where teams enter a regular competition against other teams.

You can contact individual XRugby7s centres by viewing a centre and selecting the relevant contact details or get in contact direct by emailing


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