Competitive Menu and Competition Playing Calendar

Age Grade Rugby has previously had many variations in the way its competitions run and when these take place.  The Youth Structured Season has provided the framework for the calendar in the past and for the 2015-16 season.  The type of competitive format available has been inconsistent and not always in the best interests of inclusive participation for all age grade players.

From September 2016 there will be a new competitive menu and playing calendar which will be more consistent than before right across the country.   The aim is to ensure that what is played and when is driven by the motivations of all of our players.  This will provide a model which supports inclusivity of all players, guards against overplaying and underplaying and limits conflict between club and school/college rugby maintaining choice for players to play with their peer groups.  The new template will be rolled out fully over two seasons from the 2016-17 season.

Competition and representative rugby organisers will ensure that their activities align to this framework and clubs, schools and colleges will be able to do the same.  Please click the links below to see final versions of these documents.

Competitive Menu 2016-17

National Competitions Schedule 2016-17

Representative Rugby Schedule 2016-17

Calendar Guide 2016-17

Calendar Guide Format 2016-17

Male U13-16 Clubs, Schools, Colleges Playing Calendar 2016-17

Male U17-18 Clubs, Schools, Colleges Playing Calendar 2016-17

Female U13-18 Clubs, Schools, Colleges Playing Calendar 2016-17